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Griff from Pink Gorilla Apparel

Meet Griff...he's just like you and me; loves a good workout, loves great food and loves gym humour.

Griff's main passion is the working out and he lives for how it makes him feel - but he wants this feeling outside of the gym.

The only thing Griff wants to Live is the Gym, even when he's not there and this is where Pink Gorilla Apparel comes into play.

Nothing but great gym humour, high quality products and a fantastic community of like-minded fitness addicts. We are all a bit quirky and we want our gym gear to match that!

Griff spends loads of time dreaming up his new designs and drawing them all so that you can have a piece of his lifestyle. The gym is at the heart of everything he creates so it is all perfect to add to your collection.

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